The Patents  --- 8,651,317 B2 --- D575,062 S --- 8,141,742 B2 

The concept of The Hard Top came from the frustration of the existing covers leaking and needing continuous maintenance. The Hard Top design addressed these issues in its durable 2-piece construction.

Each patented Hard Top roof is constructed out of 1/4" thick solid polypropylene plastic. The built-in fork receptacles make it easy to remove and transfer between mobile storage containers. 


The Second piece of the Hard Top consists of high quality 18oz. vinyl and is available in over 20 colors. The durability of our material withstands the exposure to most challenging weather conditions.


Hard Top is a patented covering device revolutionizing the mobile storage industry. Our covers have finally made the tedious job of covering and uncovering mobile storage containers fast and easy.